Von Hallers Gin

Hand picked botanicals from Germany
Slow-distilled in Ireland.

Albrecht Von Haller

Albrecht Von Haller

A physician, poet and – above all – botanist, Albrecht Von Haller was a towering figure of the German Enlightenment.

In 1736 he established the famous Göttingen botanical gardens – the same gardens that today send their rarest botanicals to Ireland, where they are slowly transformed into this rarest of Irish gins.

Von Haller believed passionately in the value of sharing knowledge and expertise. This enabled him to build a legacy of inspiring excellence. And it led us to create a gin named after him that is a testament to that passion.

Wholly German. Wholly Irish.
Completely both.

A shared excellence

In Göttingen, Carl v. Hardenberg Jr. curates the select, hand-picked botanicals and shares his rich family knowledge of spirits and liqueurs with the unique distillery established in deepest rural Ireland by PJ Rigney.

The result is an extraordinary gin – aromatic, distinctive, pure.
Completely both.


    Halleria lucida – or the tree fuschia – is named after our namesake Albrecht von Haller. It is a small genus of ten species that occur throughout Africa, producing small, very sweet fruits and flowers full of nectar.

  • German Ginger

    German ginger or calamus is an aromatic root that has long been prized both for its fragrance and its invigorating properties throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

  • Lemon Verbena

    A native of South America, Lemon Verbena was brought to Europe in the 17th century. When crushed, the leaves produce a fragrant lemon scent and flavour. The aromatic essential oil derived from the plant is also widely used.